Ghost Guards is a team of paranormal investigators who have more than a decade of experience exploring and investigating the unknown. Our mission is to advance humanities understanding of the unknown and to help our clients learn to co-exist with paranormal phenomena. 


Ghost Guards is a free public service.

Mark Fuson
Lead Inestigator

Mark is a 14 year veteran of paranormal research and investigation. 

Mark has also written and published 2 horror novels and he continues to write in his spare time. 

Mark has previously lived in a haunted home for 9 years.

When he's not chasing ghouls he's guarding inmates inside a Canadian prison. 

Destin Phillips
Lead Investigator

Destin is a 10 year veteran of paranormal investigation and research. 

Destin's childhood home was haunted and he and his siblings all experienced activity on a regular basis which lead to his interest in the paranormal. 

Destin is married and a father of 3. He works full time in a Canadian Prison

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