Upon receiving your request for an investigative team to attend your home, business and/or property you can expect the following.

Step 1:
Initial Interview
Step 2:
Initial Walk Through
Step 3:
1st Investigation

Prior to doing any investigative work a representative from Ghost Guards will meet with the client for an in-depth interview. In most cases we prefer this interview to occur away from the location of the reported activity.  

After the initial interview, the client and Ghost Guards must mutually agree to move forward with the case.

Ghost Guards will do an independent walk through of your home, business and/or property. 

The walk through is intended to allow investigators an opportunity to experience the area without influence from the owner or resident and to take some baseline readings.

At a date and time mutually agreeable to the client and Ghost Guards the first primary investigation will be done. 

Investigative techniques include but are not limited to: video and audio recordings, direct and indirect attempts at communications using various technologies, electromagnetic field sweeps and more.

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